Health Professions Education Solutions, LLC 

Providing solutions for the Health Professions educator.

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    SimDocEMR is designed to provide concept training in electronic medical records in the Nursing Simulation environment.
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    NCaP-Nursing Care Plan Maker
    Students use NCaP to generate care plans and concept/care maps all in one. Use as an ongoing resource in their nursing education.
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    IEMR-Intro to Elec. Medical Records
    A simulated electronic medical record program for use by a variety of health professions.

Health Professions Education Solutions, LLC

  1. About us.
    HPES is a diverse group of data management specialists and health professions educators. Our goal is to provide valuable instruction to students and workable instructional tools to the health professions educator.
  2. Product Development and Testing
    All of our products go through a rigorous development and testing process prior to release. We have fully tested and received valuable feed back that has been included in the final product prior to release. You can be certain that what you are purchasing is a fully developed system designed for use in an educational environment.
  3. Usability and Functionality
    All of our products have been designed in such a way as to provide the user with a friendly, easy to follow format while providing a real life experience. Our EMR programs are designed to replicate the clinical environment in a simulation. NCaP is designed to provide the nursing student with a easy to use, easy to maintain care plan, concept/care map resource throughout their nursing education.