Health Professions Education Solutions, LLC 


  • SimDocEMR is the education solution to integrating Electronic Medical Records concept training in to nursing education via the clinical lab/simulation environment.

  • SimDocEMR aids in the facilitation of the nursing lab/simulation while providing the nursing student with the opportunity to chart nursing care in an electronic medical record format.

  • Use SimDocEMR to run your simulations.  Each phase of a simulation is shown in SimDocEMR allowing the student to follow simulation instructions while charting and reviewing patient information and data.  

View a demonstration video.

A test version of SimDocEMR is now available. Contact us to request your copy.  Install and test at your institution.  Run a trial simulation in your simulation lab.   See how easy implimenting electronic medical record training can be.

Currently in use at: Oklahoma City Community College, Nursing Campus Clinical Lab